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Prepare for Closing


Double-Check the Money

Before the final closing day, there are several things you should do in order to be certain that your real estate transaction will not only close on time, but close smoothly. A couple of days before closing, you should review your final closing statement with your lawyer. Go over all the calculations. Make sure that you are given credit for all your deposits and that any other credits due to you from the seller are listed. Go over all the lender costs and closing costs to be sure they are what you had been told and that you agree to them. Check for errors in the math calculations on the closing statement.

Review the Documents

Review all documentation regarding the results of your title search carefully. Verify the exact legal description of the property and any liens, encumbrances or other items which may have been discovered on the property. Be sure any items that you did not agree to are removed.

The Final Inspection of the Property

Other than reviewing and verifying the paperwork, you should re-inspect the property once again just prior to closing. Ask yourself, is everything the way you expect it to be? Have all corrective work and necessary repairs been done that were promised to you? This is important because you don't want to discover unexpected surprises when arriving at you new home..

Check and Double-Check

With absolute importance, you want to be certain that all the conditions of the purchase contract have been met. Finally, before signing your name to any closing documents, check and double check that everything is correct, including the interest rate, fees charged and the condition of the property.

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