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Our Flat Fee Program


Direct to Buyer™ Program

On the  "Direct to Buyer™ program,  Assist 2 Sell offers home owners all of the services they might find at a "traditional" real estate company but for a flat fee as low as $2995* (Fees vary for homes over $200k). Assist 2 Sell will market your property on the MLS® and advertise your home on many relevant real estate and social media sites.  We  create virtual tours, single property websites, handle all showings, complete all the paperwork, work with lenders and lawyers. Our outstanding marketing is directed to Active Buyers.  If the buyer comes directly to Assist 2 Sell, and no outside broker is involved, the seller pays only the low flat fee. This is what we call a "Direct to Buyer™ sale.

Assist 2 Sell, will  take care of everything home sellers need from a real estate company but with the advantages and savings only a low commission real estate agent can offer. Assist 2 Sell customers receive full service, and there are no up-front costs: all fees are paid after the house closes.


How Does It Work?

In order for a buyer to purchase your home, they first need to know it is available. We call this exposure. We expose your home to buyers through our aggressive marketing campaigns:

Customized Pricing Plan:

We meet with you to create a customized CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) for your home. We review prices of active, pending, expired (unsold), and sold homes in your area. We review market conditions and prepare pricing strategies for gaining the best price

We Promote Your Home:

We implement an aggressive marketing campaign designed to reach active home buyers. Web - 94% of Home Buyers start their search online. Therefore, we implement an aggressive web strategy for attracting home buyers to our listings. We distribute your listing information, along with photographs, to a massive array of premier consumer Websites, we make sure that we maximize every opportunity to attract qualified buyers.

 - We place your home on the MLS® advertise your property on REALTOR.CA and on the right are just a few of the websites your home will be listed on. We advertise on over 20 Canadian sites.

 - Youtube – We advertise on Youtube to encourage buyers to visit our site.

 - Social Media – We automatically integrate your home listing into relevant Social Network Megasites like Facebook and Twitter.

 - Mobile Media – the fastest growing segment of home searches and web searches is now mobile through mobile devices like iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices. Our web home search is mobile friendly and we focus a significant amount of our marketing budget on capturing the mobile surfer.

We post an attractive “for sale” sign at your home with our phone number, we also install a brochure box and fill it with Custom Feature Sheets.

 - We promote your home to buyers with a single property website.

 - We produce interactive online flyers.

 - We create a Virtual Tour and post it on YouTube, Realtor.ca the MLS and Kijiji


Buyers tend to drive through neighbourhoods in which they are interested. A surprising number of homes sell from buyers seeing a sign.

Word of Mouth

Mention to someone you are selling and they might know of someone interested in buying. With a traditional office you help find the buyer, and they, most likely, will still charge you the full commission. At Assist-2-Sell, you enjoy a lower fee if you assist us in finding the buyer.

When you think about it, there are really not too many other ways to let buyers know that your home is available.

We Show Your Home

Our Licensed Agents show your home by appointment. We receive all buyers calls from our advertising and sign. and one of our agents will set up an appointment to show your home to the buyer.

 - We arrange for other agents to show your home.

 - We pre-qualify home buyers.

We Prepare ALL of the Paper Work.

When the buyer is interested in buying your home, we will handle the negotiating, prepare the purchase contract and all the paperwork.

There are also many details involved that require expert attention once the purchase agreement is accepted. Our agents work the same as traditional agents to assure that everything that needs to be done, gets done. This includes working with the lender, appraiser, inspectors, attorneys, and title companies.

We Only Get Paid for Results!

If we don’t sell your home, you don't owe us anything. We have confidence and a proven success record. We don’t charge up-front fees and there are no hidden costs.

Our Flat Fee Program Includes
All of These Services

Assist 2 Sell offers homeowners all of the services they might find at a "traditional" real estate company, but for a low, flat fee.

- All homes are placed on the MLS® and advertised on REALTOR.ca®. - Price the home accurately using the same techniques as appraisers. - Implement an aggressive marketing campaign that is targeted and aimed at reaching active home buyer directly. - Include it on Assist 2 Sell’s national Web site, as well as on the local Assist-2-Sell Web site. - These listings may include an unlimited number of photos, detailed property and community information, and easy access to a "live" agent. - Advertise on applicable social media and real estate Web sites like Kijiji, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook. - Post a "for sale" sign for the front of the home. - Create a listing flyer and brochure for your home - Keep the "for sale" sign’s flyer box full of flyers. - We create a Virtual Tour of your property - We create a YouTube video for your property - We market your property with a Single Property Website - We create online interactive flyers created to attract buyers - Take all phone calls. - Show the home to prospective home buyers. - Arrange for other agents to show the home. - Pre-qualify home buyers. - Help the home buyer obtain financing. - Negotiate the purchase agreement. - Write the sales contract. - Handle all paperwork. - Meet with appraisers. - Arrange for all inspection - Supervise the closing.

Think about it...   Full Service    Flat Fees   BIG Savings   Smart Move!

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